Working with the Emotional Investor

“Essentially, it’s my belief that all investing is emotional, and that wealth advisors must realize this and appreciate it, if they are to understand their clients and be of greatest service to them. Once they understand that investor behavior (especially in situations of high-stakes) is driven more by emotions than reason, they can build relationships with clients based on a knowledge of an individual’s unique personality, emotional make-up, and risk tolerance.”
-Chris White, author, Working with the Emotional Investor.



In Praise of Working with the Emotional Investor

Working with the Emotional Investor provides useful tools to comprehend one’s true capacity for risks, and therefore pays the reader a great dividend”

—George W. Tall IV, President, Burl Capital LLC

In Praise of Working with the Emotional Investor

“Chris White gives us a treasure trove of well researched advice on wealth owner behavior, advisor bias, and a process for building a strong relationship with our clients. This book allows you to explore in depth some of your intuition about the business and gives you keen insight into how to engage with different personalities in your day to day work. An excellent contribution to the field of private wealth for decades to come!”

—Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Family Office Exchange

In Praise of Working with the Emotional Investor

“Finally, a paradigm shift in investment counseling. An approach that takes investor dynamics into account along with market dynamics. Brilliant!”

— David Kantor, PhD, Psychologist, author of Reading the Room, and former professor, Harvard Medical School

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